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  1. Person sprays car part with bright red paint

    Common Auto Refinishing Mistakes – Part 2

    Welcome to part two of our three-part series covering some of the most common mistakes made when refinishing the exterior paint of a car. The team at Centerline Spraybooths in Amityville was able to cover two of the most common mistakes made when painting the exterior of a car, but there are still so many different mistakes that we want to ensure you avoid. Keep reading for some of the additional …Read More

  2. Two people work on car inside spray booth

    Take Advantage Of Our Paint Booth Delivery & Installation Services

    In our last blog post, our technicians discussed some of the main reasons why every auto body shop should have an automotive paint booth. First of all, paint booths provide a quick and easy application of auto spray paint, saving you time and money as you maximize operations at your auto body shop. Not only that, but car paint jobs are also far more even and professional-looking when a spray paint…Read More