1. Common Causes of Contamination That Will Ruin Your Paint Job

    Achieving a high-quality paint finish that is clean and free of defects is the number one goal of any auto body shop. It’s the reason why customers come to you instead of the shop down the street, and there’s no better way to grow your business than to be able to provide that consistent, beautiful paint finish every time. Not only will your positive reputation grow because of your ability to e…Read More

  2. How To Boost Productivity At Your Shop With an Auto Body Paint Booth

    If you own an auto body shop, then you know how important it is to be able to provide your customers with quality painting restoration services in a reasonable time. Unfortunately, painting and detailing can take a lot of time — just waiting for the paint to dry can take days, and during that time you have hope that it doesn’t get contaminated with dirt or dust. But there is a better way — a…Read More

  3. What You Need To Know About Air Flow in Automotive Paint Booths

    If you own an auto body shop or classic car restoration business, you may be considering investing in an automotive paint booth. Also called a spray booth, these enclosed rooms are necessary for creating a safe and clean area to paint. If you’re serious about providing a high-quality paint job for your customers and want to grow your business, an automotive paint booth is essential. Not only can…Read More

  4. Paint Booth Maintenance Tips

    An automotive paint booth is likely one of the biggest investments any body shop or classic car restoration business will make. It’s a worthwhile one, however, especially if it’s properly maintained. Spray booths are pressure-controlled, enclosed environments that make it easier to apply paint by providing an area that’s free of dust and debris. While you can certainly paint a vehicle withou…Read More

  5. 5 Ways to Limit Contamination When Refinishing Vehicles

    No matter how long you’ve been refinishing cars with new paint jobs, you’ve likely dealt with the difficulties of keeping a car free of contamination to ensure a high-quality finish. Even though you may think an area is perfectly clean, particles of dust, dirt, and other contaminants can easily make their way into the area. If those particles end up on the vehicle, it could have drastic impact…Read More

  6. Man wipes car with yellow cloth

    Ways to Maintain Your Car’s Paint Job

    The exterior of the car is often the part that most of us love about our vehicles. This is why it’s so incredibly frustrating when we wind up with a scratch, dent, or section of faded paint. If you’re worried about the exterior of your car looking less than ideal in the years to come, you’re definitely going to want to check out today’s blog post. The team at Centerline Spraybooths in Amit…Read More

  7. Person wipes water off black car

    Mistakes Made When Refinishing a Car – Part 3

    Thank you for checking out the final piece of our three-part blog series covering common mistakes that are made when refinishing a vehicle. In the last couple of blog posts, the team here at Centerline Spraybooths in Amityville has been able to go over quite a few of the mistakes, but there are still some that need to be covered to provide you with a flawless refinishing job. Let’s go ahead and …Read More

  8. Person sprays car part with bright red paint

    Common Auto Refinishing Mistakes – Part 2

    Welcome to part two of our three-part series covering some of the most common mistakes made when refinishing the exterior paint of a car. The team at Centerline Spraybooths in Amityville was able to cover two of the most common mistakes made when painting the exterior of a car, but there are still so many different mistakes that we want to ensure you avoid. Keep reading for some of the additional …Read More

  9. Man uses buffer on black car

    Common Mistakes Made When Refinishing a Car

    The exterior of a car is, in many cases, what initially draws us into the vehicle. The team at Centerline Spraybooths in Amityville totally understands this. As car enthusiasts ourselves, we can’t help but love the way that a clean coat of paint looks on a car.  With that being said, there are many factors that contribute to the condition of a car’s exterior paint. To start with, the exterior…Read More

  10. Two people work on car inside spray booth

    Take Advantage Of Our Paint Booth Delivery & Installation Services

    In our last blog post, our technicians discussed some of the main reasons why every auto body shop should have an automotive paint booth. First of all, paint booths provide a quick and easy application of auto spray paint, saving you time and money as you maximize operations at your auto body shop. Not only that, but car paint jobs are also far more even and professional-looking when a spray paint…Read More