Centerline Spraybooths is the leading automotive spray booth installer serving the Tri-State Area, including many different auto body shops and car detailers throughout New York. Based in Amityville, NY, our auto paint experts are authorized to distribute and install automotive spray booths in New York City, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Rochester, and countless other cities, even if it requires us to drive hours in any direction. It’s all part of our mission to remain the preferred choice for auto paint booth installations and maintenance services in the great state of New York!

Auto Paint Booth Services In New York

That being said, here are some of the services we offer for local auto detailing shop owners who are looking to invest in top-quality automotive paint booths.


Distribution and installation of USI ITALIA spray booths in New York, including the Chronotech and Master spray booths as well as the Fastech prep station.


Distribution and installation of Zhongda spray booths, such as the ZD-900 II and the ZD-Prep station.

Specialty Spray Booths

Distribution and installation of specialty spray booths for trucks and limousines.


Distribution and installation of WIND WIZARD waterborne drying systems, including corner units, offset units, through-the-wall units, elite control panels, and more.

Filter Replacement & Maintenance

Filter replacement services and ongoing maintenance for USI ITALIA, Zhongda, and specialty auto spray booth systems.

As the industry leader in automotive spray booth installations, Centerline Spraybooths has been distributing, installing, and servicing auto paint booths for more than 25 years. Unlike other auto paint booth distributors, our service to you does not stop once your auto spray booth has been installed. Some of the USI ITALIA and Zhongda spray booths we’ve installed for NY body shops have lasted close to 30 years due to our skilled workmanship and quality maintenance services.

Auto Spray Booth Installations For New York Body Shops

Ready to have a brand new automotive paint booth installed in your NY auto body shop or car detailing business? Contact us today to get your USI ITALIA or Zhongda spray booth in New York!